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Assessing Needs and Opportunities Guide

Assessing Needs and Opportunities Guide (ANOG) now out for consultation . . . . naa has been working with Sport England on the development of the ANOG over the past six months. The purpose of the guide is to provide a step by step guide to undertaking a robust assessment of need for indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

It is primarily aimed at Local Authorities and in part, replaces the “Assessing needs and Opportunities: a Companion Guide to PPG17” (DCLG, 2001). The guide focuses primarily on the practicalities of producing a clear and robust assessment to help develop and apply local planning policy. The approach can be tailored to apply to a range of sports facilities. It is intended that the guide will assist LAs with meeting the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (paragraph 73).

The draft guide can be accessed via Sport England website and comments are welcomed up to mid-February.


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