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In May 2012 Warwick District Council appointed Neil Allen Associates (NAA) to undertake audits of indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities in the district, and based on the results of the audits produce a Sports and Leisure Strategy.  The documents were to be PPG17 compliant and provide the Council with a robust evidence base to support the Council’s emerging Local Plan, and to inform the development of a strategic vision for sports and leisure provision in the Warwick District.

Neil Allen Associates were successful in the tender process and commenced work with a small project team in June 2012.  It was very clear from the start that the NAA team (Neil Allen and David Payne) were able to bring a significant degree of experience and understanding of the sports and leisure sector, but also how any emerging Strategy needs to sit within the context of planning procedures.  David Payne’s knowledge of planning, PPG17, and Sport England Facility Planning Model was invaluable in the process.  Throughout the project NAA maintained a professional approach with the project team, but also with stakeholders and other consultees.

Early project meetings with NAA developed a methodology that both parties were comfortable with and which was appropriate given the stated objectives of the project.  This dialogue continued throughout the project with officers receiving professional support and advice from NAA at all times.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the brief of the project had to be amended in the second half of the project; the changes were embraced by NAA and have resulted in the project progressing, in line with target dates, to the point we have recently reached where we have a draft Strategy, with high level principles that have been agreed by our Executive, and which will shortly be used to underpin the development of an action plan, and inform negotiations with developers in the district.

Rose Winship, Head of Cultural Services, Warwick District Council


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